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Since its inception in 2013, TIDE’s focus area has expanded from providing tech enabled solutions which would make education accessible and meaningful, to looking at education as a whole made up of many inter-connected systems and components impacting, influencing and balancing each other. This re-visioning has led to the understanding and belief that there cannot be one tried and tested solution or a ‘magic bullet’ which will directly impact what happens inside the classroom. Since everything is inter-connected and education works like a complex organism, there is a need to constantly search for different ways to address these varied needs and adapt them to contextual expectations. By looking at education and schooling as a multi-organed system, as an eco-system, we assume the need to identify and constantly search for different ways to address the needs of all the sub-systems in this one larger whole, while keeping in mind the long-term aim of strengthening the state and putting sustainable systems in place. 


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