Education to suit every child's learning need and pace

In the classroom

What is learning, what does it entail, what influences learning, how to facilitate learning, who is a learner, and who is a teacher? Only by engaging with these, can we hope to think of an interactional environment made up of teaching learning material through which the teacher can achieve some of the desired and stated objectives of learning. 

From our fundamental beliefs and assumptions about learning, learner and her context, society and knowledge, we derive design principles which will influence choice and organisation of content, teaching methods, nature of teaching and learning material to be used, evaluation design, and stage-specific objectives. These are concretised into a suggested syllabus for the identified learning areas and the actual teaching learning material to facilitate meaningful classroom practices.

How is learning achieved?

  1. By doing 
  2. Through an inquiry- based approach 
  3. Contextually relevant activities

What is learning? 

  1. Continuous
  2. Not limited to classroom teaching alone 
  3. Inter-related 
  4. Non- competitive

How is learning demonstrated? 

  1. Measurable parameters 
  2. As an on- going process

What is learning immediately influenced by?

  1. Classroom environment 
  2. Teachers