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About the pedagogy


‘Every child can learn, should learn, and have access to education that suits her learning need and pace.’

By placing the child and her learning at the centre, we also acknowledge that learning is varied, that it will occur at different rates and in different ways and that the starting points are different in every child’s learning trajectory and development scale.

Early Childhood Educat

Design, create curriculum, train and implement a preprimary program for children between the ages 3 to 6. Self paced. Multi level.

Primary Grades (1 to 7)

Understanding geographical and demographical needs, we design, and develop curriculum, build the technology platform, provide on the ground support and monitoring along with infrastructure supply

Teacher Development

Work with teachers long term, to initiate an understanding of the TIDE methodology, teacher as facilitator, train immersively in facilitation techniques, provide long term support

Building ecosystems

Facilitate the development of synergies between different bodies and agencies working in different arenas of education, while gradually planning an exit strategy to allow for the education eco-system to continue to grow and evolve organically


TIDE enables schools with everything from technology enabled curriculum to infrastructure to teacher training, and ongoing support for teachers and the system.

Please contact us for details on the TIDE Kit. TIDE works with schools and organisations to enable all the areas, from setting up the classrooms, to training facilitators on how to use the kit. 

The TIDE school kit includes the printed curriculum and tablets with the TIDE school management software and online curriculum. We do not supply only tablets.

You can find all details of the TIDE ECE programme here <TIDE schools . com>

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