Welcome Parents!

Dear Parent,

Welcome aboard!

Please read the poem below as is, without making any corrections.

Hope you managed to read the poem as is and did not try to correct while reading!

The above is an exercise that shows us that learning is not about saying, doing or writing in a pre-defined way, but rather about enjoying the experience and have fun while doing so. Meaning, learning is something very personal to one’s own self and can happen in many ways.

Learning is based on the child’s experience and we, as parents or caregivers, can constantly look at making the moments in a day teachable and learnable.

We thank you for choosing TIDE’s Disha – for the home. This program has been designed keeping in mind the need of parent/s who would like to home-school their children.

Home-schooling as you know is a choice that one makes depending upon how much time one can give to their child. And not just time, but qualitative time.

With MyTide Disha, you will see that

Spending hours of not-so-quality time


Spending just two hours of quality time through the day will help your child learn concepts and develop the required skill sets for their age.

It is important that as Parent/s, you make informed decisions regarding your child’s learning and ensure that they develop just like they would have in a school.

As you go through this short orientation to Disha, you will learn how to work with your children to make learning a joyful experience for both you and your child.