Our Approach to Learning

Our approach to “Learning”. To understand more about our approach to learning, we we look at:

How is learning achieved?

Learning is achieved by doing.

It is not always necessary that learning must be achieved through activities led by adults only. It can happen through informal or formal conversations among peers, conducting small experiments at home with readily available material and so on.

Learning is achieved, through the process of inquiry.

Children are naturally curious. The innate ability to ask questions and learning through inquiry helps them relate to their experiences that guides them through the inquiry process.

Learning is achieved when children can relate to activities that are of relevance to their surroundings


How is learning demonstrated?

Children show what they have learnt in many ways, not just through a test or an exam. Every time they recognise, identify, make connections, and show an understanding of related ideas, they are demonstrating their learning.

Learning is captured using Measurable parameters

While tests and exams are stressful, learning does need to be measured, the whole section because it will help and lead to some corrective action.

Capturing learning progress must be an on-going process and not a one time affair.

Measuring the learning through any form of “assessment” during an activity or after an activity contributes to continue the learning process, rather than seen as a ‘final achievement’ result. This form of assessment “for learning” is beneficial for the parents or caregivers as they get to assess the learning of their children as soon as an activity is completed.