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TIDE Learning has been at the forefront of Early Childhood and Primary Education for the last 10 years. Our innovative TIDE Methodology has been developed over the years, and has proven to be an effective aid in the natural development of a child. We are a team focused on an education model that is not just innovative but also affordable and systematic.


Learning is generally perceived to be an exercise situated within and limited to formal settings such as a classroom or at best, the school. Our entire perspective revolves around looking at education as a whole network made up of many interconnected systems and components impacting, influencing and balancing each other.

"We at Tide, believe that learning is varied, will occur at different rates, in different ways and that the starting points vary in every child’s learning path and development scale"

Innovative Pedagogy

Easy to Use & Affordable

System Approach

Products and Solutions

Home School

MyTide Disha, the holistic approach every parent can relate to, from preschool to class 5

In School

Self paced, multi level programme for early childhood and Classes 1 to 5

School system

Eco system approach for state Govts. and education departments

Teacher Development

Long term association with teachers. Training and support

Learning Support

School support programme, to reinforce skills

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Our Projects

Learning for All


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